Breath to Breath: Interview with Barbara “Babz” Jackson

“Taking a deep breath gives you back your control.”
— Babz Jackson

In this conversation, Babz helps clear up a lot of the confusion regarding what is the lymphatic system?! We break down definitions of lymph, lymphedema, lipedema, vessels, nodes, and the many systems at play within the body. With both personal and professional experience in the lymphatic world, this conversation was a bright light helping to clarify the many roles and responsibilities of the lymphatic system.


Barbara “Babz” Jackson is an occupational therapist, lymphedema therapist, and certified yoga teacher.  Babz currently specializes in the lymphatic system and works in a cancer rehab and an orthopedic setting. She teaches virtual adaptive yoga wellness programs for individuals at risk or diagnosed with lymphedema & lipedema and created a specific practice called lymphatic flow yoga.  She is inspired by her mom who is a breast cancer survivor and who has left upper extremity lymphedema. 

Babz hosts three adaptive virtual wellness programs, with scholarships available, for:

  1. Healing Hands Wrist-Free Yoga – for individuals with upper extremity injuries

  2. Adaptive Chair Yoga – for individuals who can’t practice yoga on the floor

  3. Lymphatic Flow Yoga – for individuals with cancer, lymphedema, lipedema, a lymphatic disorder or who are at risk.

More information available on her website, at


INSTAGRAM: @balancewithbabzyoga

YOUTUBE:  @balancewithbabz


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