Welcome home — home to your breath; home to a better understanding your body; home within yourself.  

One of the biggest reasons I love breathwork is that while we cannot control anything outside of us, we are able to intentionally change our conscious breathing patterns inside of us.  And I truly believe that the way you breathe reflects the way you live.  

The body thrives off patterns and consistency – yet have you ever thought about which patterns you’re using? Are they helping or hurting your mental, physical, emotional health?  One impactful step we can take towards creating and using neural pathways and patterns that help us is through intentional breath, which is the basis of breathwork.  The more we breath deeply, intentionally, functionally we actually start to show our body a new path is can take to complete this task rather than one that leaves of short of breath and in an ongoing sympathetic state.  Deeper, slower, longer breaths lead us to a more restorative physical-emotional state that we can help perpetuate through consistency and practice. 

I’m not asking or even suggesting you can change your life or breath overnight.  This is an ongoing practice that helps support you on your journey towards a more meaningful, purposeful, intentional life.  When we breathe well, we can truly be well.  So breathe, look inward and listen – are you ready to come home to yourself? If so, you’ve come the right place.

Welcome home.  

Have an idea for a future BREATH TO BREATH interview? Email me! Perrin Live with intention. Move with gratitude. Breathe with purpose.

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