Breath to Breath: Interview with Conni Biesalski of Breathwork Alchemy

“Sometimes the most transformative parts of our healing journey are the quietest.”
— Conni Biesalski

I’m beyond excited to share my 4th “Breath to Breath” interview with my first female and international guest, Conni Biesalski!  In this conversation, we tackle a wide array of topics, so buckle up! They include emotional vs. postural healing, Conni’s decade-long journey to her breath, rest + resilience, the OGs of transformational breathwork, the intersect of transformational breathwork and regulating pranayama practices, using the breath to help navigate the nervous system, how suppression disconnects us from the body, breath as the bridge between conscious-subconscious-unconscious, the yin and yang of breathwork, finding fluidity between the science and spirituality of breathwork, increasing diversity in breathwork, sharing our stories to release shame and stopping our own bullshit to finally get still.  You know, just a light conversation to break you wide open! Hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed partaking! 

Also side note, I will get closer to the mic next time for better audio on my end. I’m learning, promise! 


Conni is a certified Advanced Oxygen Advantage and Buteyko teacher, Neurodynamic Breathwork Facilitator, Breath Coach, and Yoga & Meditation teacher. She supports people in regulating their nervous system and building stress resilience after chronic and traumatic stress. In addition to breathing practices and working with the nervous system, she integrates approaches from Depth Psychology, Trauma Work, IFS, and Polyvagal and Attachment Theory into her coaching and teaching.


INSTAGRAM: @breathwork.alchemy, @conni.biesalski and @connicreates

YOUTUBE: Conni Biesalski and Conni Creates // Sri Lanka Diaries Video


PODCASTS: THIS MOMENT MATTERS with Conni Biesalski and The Breath Circle

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