Breath to Breath: Interview with David “Jacko” Jackson of Rooted Life

“Just because it’s automatic doesn’t mean that it is optimal. Just because you don’t have to think about it doesn’t mean you can’t.”
— David “Jacko” Jackson

In this conversation, Jacko and I discuss a recent OxygenAdvantage Master Instructors Training with Patrick MeKeown, an interesting way to unblock your nasal passage, automatic versus optimal, reevaluating what our body is telling us and how it does so, listening to the message behind pain, normalizing breathwork/breathing/breath training, recognizing symptoms post brain injury, running as a moving meditation, benefits of nasal breathing while running for breathing efficiency, modeling improved breathing for others, progressive overload training for races, connecting with nature, the loss of Jacko’s father, watching him take his last breath, understanding things we cannot see, addressing skeptics of breathwork and providing fundamental health knowledge free for access to others. This interview was a special one I won’t soon forget!

Note: There is one small break in the recording, but stay with us! Jacko switches from computer to phone to keep the conversation going!

Also happening starting September 2, Jacko is taking on Ring O’ Fire where he will run 216 km (135 miles) in 3 days ONLY nasal breathing!  Help Jacko on his journey by donating at Just Giving.  He will also be recording a short film, Between Breaths, documenting his journey.  Trailer for that out now and worth watching! 


David “Jacko” Jackson is a Master Instructor with the Oxygen Advantage and currently works as a breathwork coach. He is a former professional rugby player, accredited UKSCA Strength & Conditioning coach, NASM performance enhancement & corrective exercise specialist on a mission to make breathwork a normal part of our everyday lives.

Having retrained his own breathing after a brain injury in 2013 which forced him to retire from professional rugby, he is passionate about helping others change the way they breathe to improve the way the feel, move and perform. He believes in breathwork there is something for everyone, having worked with professionals seeking better stress management or those suffering with anxiety to professional athletes looking to improve performance and everything in between.

Jacko knows how your breath can impact all areas of our body and mind, which is why he so passionate about helping people use breathwork to fulfill their true potential. Having felt the benefits personally, Jacko wants to share it with others.



APP: Pro Breathwork

INSTAGRAM: @jacko.david.jackson

WEBSITE: Rooted Life

YOUTUBE: David Jackson

Have an idea for a future BREATH TO BREATH interview? Email me! Perrin Live with intention. Move with gratitude. Breathe with purpose.

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