Breath to Breath: Interview with Hannah Went of TruDiagnostic

“Lifespan tells the years you’ve lived. Health-span tells how you feel.”

— Hannah Went

In this conversation, Hannah and I deep dive into the world of epigenetics and how better breathing can work towards improving your biological age!

We discussed all things genetics vs. epigenetics, peptides, methylation, preventative medicine, changing the quality of your health through shifting daily habits (i.e., breathwork), lifespan vs. health-span, transgenerational epigenetic inheritance, the relationship between neuroplasticity and epigenetics, finding your WHY, and how TruDiagnostic can test for your biological and epigenetic age! Y’all, this was a topic I could keep exploring over and over – fascinating doesn’t even cover it! 

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Studies mentioned in our conversation can be found here:


Hannah Went has a lifelong passion for longevity and breakthrough, disruptive technologies that drive radical improvement to the human condition. She attended the University of Kentucky and graduated with a degree in Biology. During that time, she had multiple research internships studying cell signaling and cell biology. After graduation, she worked for the International Peptide Society as their Director of Research and Content. Through work in the integrative medicine industry, Hannah saw an opportunity for methylation based age diagnostics and started TruDiagnostics in 2020. TruDiagnostic is a company focusing on methylation array-based diagnostics for life extension and preventive healthcare serving functional medicine providers. TruDiagnostic has a commitment to research with over 30 approved clinical trials investigating the epigenetic methylation changes of longevity and health interventions. Since TruDiagnostic’s inception, they have created one of the largest private epigenetic health databases in the world with over 15,000 patients tested to date. 


INSTAGRAM: @everythingepigenetics


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