Breath to Breath: Interview with Liz Delaney of Greenville Yoga

“The moment the breath ceases, we cease … the moment we take this breath for granted, we take our life for granted.”

— Liz Delaney

Welcome Liz Delaney of Greenville Yoga – one of Greenville’s longest running yoga studios in the upstate (17 years)! 

In this meaningful and vulnerable conversation, Liz and I discuss breath-centered living, coming back to our childlike sense of awe, finding our way back to integrity, the phases of life, Vipasana meditation, the lessons we learn from the depths of the couch, starting at ground zero, finding your mirror people, co-regulation from the breath, crafting our support systems, breaking down the constructs of self to find our full acceptance, understanding that life happens, the experiences that change us, the warning of the canary, what we’re f’ing sick of and what we can do about it, following your North Star, outgrowing old shapes, finding our COVID clarity, being open to receive, and the layers of the breath.

I hope you enjoy listening as much as I loved participating in this heart-felt exchange.


Ten years before discovering Yoga, Liz suffered with asthma and anxiety. Shortly after discovering breath-centered yoga, Liz was able to throw away her inhaler for good; and in these classes she was taught the tools she still uses today to keep herself at peace and the anxiety at bay. Liz uses this knowledge to teach breath-inspired movement, which leaves students feeling emotionally centered and more comfortable in their physical bodies.

After moving to Los Angeles, she was introduced to a class with Max Strom in “final relaxation”, where her anxiety went away and her mind got quiet. Liz has been a dedicated student and friend of Max ever since. Liz completed her first teacher training with Max and physical therapist, Sherry Brourman, in 2000. She has gone on to study with Max for over 1,000 hours since that first teacher training twenty years ago.

Ten years ago Liz met Sarah Powers, the leading teacher of Yin Yoga world-wide. These teachings changed her life once again, giving her balance she needed to relieve her perfectionist tendencies and to find happiness in the present moment. She has completed over 300 hours of teacher trainings and retreat time studying a combination of Yin / Yang Yoga, Meditation, and Transpersonal Psychology with Sarah and her husband, Ty. And most recently, Liz has begun studies with Martha Beck and will be taking her Wayfinder training over the next year.  Her hope is to help people tap into what they are passionate about to find a rich life full of heart and meaning.


INSTAGRAM: @greenvilleyoga


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