Breath to Breath: Interview with Bryan Mirabella with Quantum Fitness

“You can’t get any deeper than your breath.”

— Bryan Mirabella

I spent the majority of this interview vigorously writing down everything Bryan said! He is a wealth of knowledge and I am humbled he took the time to chat with me!  

Our conversation covered a wide range of topics, including breathing’s bedrock, recoding the breath through the cranial nerves, using white flower oil to decongest the nose, how Bryan overcame his rhino-sinusitis and deviated septum, nasal breathing during sleep, sleeping-breathing-emotions feedback loop, creating nitric oxide for clearing out your sinuses, law of cellular respiration, oxygen-hemoglobin dissociation curve, carbon dioxide as a hormone, why we first breath CO2 into others during CPR, the 97-98.5 sweet spot of oxygen saturation, dysfunctional breathing patterns created from wearing masks, caffeine as a vasoconstrictor, the disorder of mouth breathing, Stanford tranquil breathing, tensegral breathing, and Bryan’s mucus-free lifestyle.

You’re going to want to take notes on this one!  

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Bryan is a Human Performance Specialist with a focus on Breath-work. He is a life-long athlete with over three decades of personal training experience and a natural motivator who discovered early on his gift for helping others improve their health and well-being. Based in New York City, Bryan is a certified master instructor in Oxygen Advantage, Restorative Breathing by Dr. Lois Laynee, and a Weckmethod coach. He’s created a life changing 30-day daily email breathing program for beginners and athletes that teaches you how to breathe for life, a 6 month “Recode Your Breath” program, along with private sessions. His wide range of clientele includes top executives, Olympic athletes, new mothers, those with serious health conditions, and everyone in between. His mission is to provide tools for healthy living, longevity, and self-empowerment. 

In over 30 years of training, he had never crossed paths with foundational breathing until he read the Oxygen Advantage. Since becoming an OA instructor back in August 2018, he has been able to revolutionize his health, completely healing his deviated septum and soft tissue injuries through the power of breath. This internal work has led him to reinvigorate his career, placing him on the divine path of healing others. 

Bryan has fundamentally changed how people look at the simple idea of breathing. He has been helping those who are looking to new wellness approaches, those who are looking to elevate their athletic performance, and those who have been searching for answers with their physical or mental health. By making the OA knowledge accessible and easily digestible to people across the world from all walks of life, his work transcends wellness; it inspires a fresh look at the foundation of life.


INSTAGRAM: @breath_verse

FACEBOOK: Quantum Fitness


And as promised, I did look up that Nobel Prize for Oxygen we mentioned … Nobel Prize in Medicine Awarded for Research on How Cells Manage Oxygen

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