Breath to Breath: Interview with Tiger Bye

“We’re ancient bodies living in a modern world.”

— Tiger Bye

In this soul soothing conversation, Tiger and I discuss growing up in a yoga family, the trauma of politics, blending community-collectivism-democracy into her yoga practice and teachings, functional breathing is public health, the umbrella of yoga, breath training versus breathwork, the language of yoga, taking yoga off the mat, how she met her partner and his company Manscending, making small sustainable shifts, the 80/20 Pareto Principle, plugging yourself into mindfulness, restoration benefits of yoga asanas, down regulation after and during exercise, breathing less to refuel and oxygenate your blood cells, the art of pausing, mindful transitioning, and coregulation of functional breathing.


Tiger is an Oxygen Advantage® Master Instructor, Katonah Yoga® teacher, and holds a Master of Science in Health and the Public Interest from Georgetown University. Tiger believes that functional breathing is public health. Through her classes, workshops, and programs, she weaves functional breathing techniques, alignment-based yoga, and seasonal practices to emphasize holistic health. Merging the Oxygen Advantage® method with ancient practices of yoga and ayurveda, Tiger layers profound embodied experiences with scientific underpinnings so that students and clients can grasp the “why” behind the “what” that they feel during practice. 

Tiger will be co-leading a 6-week Self Care “Reboot Camp” with her husband, Colin Bye, who is a certified life coach, meditation teacher, and owner of the men’s mindfulness company, Manscending. The program will explore functional breathing, stretching for longevity, approachable meditation, conscious consumption, sleep hygiene, habit formation, and more to effortlessly stabilize self-care behaviors into your existing routine or lifestyle. For more information, visit Tiger’s website. For weekly breath training and yoga tips, follow Tiger on Instagram.


INSTAGRAM: @tigerinspire



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