Breath to Breath: Interview with Dr. MG McCullough, DOM, Dipl.OM

“A good acupuncture session is a deep breath, one that opens you and allows you to be you!”

— Dr. MG McCullough

In this educational interview, Dr. MG McCullough and I discuss all things acupuncture and health! Topics included uncovering MG’s own health journey, allopathic medicine, inter-family health communication, acupuncture as complete health care, practicing compliment channels versus modern chiropractic, modeling holistic health to our family/friends, the role of emotion in our body/life, the depth of the compliment channels for treating migraines and autoimmune diseases, storing grief in the lungs and joy in the heart, Chong/Ren/Du channels, lungs-kidney connection, the emotional-physical health of your breath and body, MG’s thoughts on dry-needling, and remote acupuncture healing.


MG McCullough is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, specializing in migraine, autoimmune conditions, and other chronic, degenerative disease. She practices the complement channels, which is the complete system of acupuncture, as opposed to modern acupuncture (or TCM acupuncture) which only uses a very small portion of the acupuncture channels. MG lives in Los Ranchos de Albuquerque, New Mexico with her husband and daughter. 


INSTAGRAM: @drmgmccullough

FACEBOOK: drmgmccullough


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