Breath to Breath: Interview with David Bidler of Physiology First

“We are normalizing illness and pathologizing health.”

— David Bidler

LOVED this conversation and beyond grateful for David Bidler’s knowledge and time! Listen to the entire conversation to hear about everything from David’s journey that started from dropping out of school in 8th grade, becoming overweight and depressed to finding his way back to mental/physical health in his own life with the breath and then teaching it to the decision makers of tomorrow, barefoot training (with over 7,000 nerves found in the feet), the “education before medication” approach, providing today’s youth with a skill set needed in order to thrive in today’s divided info-sphere and culture, Physiology First’s ice bath and sauna training protocol, learning that sweating is a skill,  the 3-4 … 12 diaphragms found within the body, how to learn interception, the dangerously easy channels available for Adderall procurement via current Telehealth mediums, Physiology First’s scalable Functional Physiology Program, and helping define the difference between the psychology of thinking and physiology of feeling.

This is a person making a HUGE impact and I sincerely hope you listen and share with literally, everyone you know!


David Bidler is an author, speaker, and social entrepreneur. 

As owner of The Distance Project, a human performance training center in Freeport, Maine, David has studied and applied the science of physiology across the lifespan.

Through assessments on breathing, heart rate variability, and biometrics related to health and longevity David has utilized science-based tools to optimize human performance for close to a decade.

In 2018 David began collaborating with Dr. Jose Herrero, a NYC based neuroscientist specializing in how breathing impacts the brain. This collaboration led to David’s participation in clinical research with patients, presentations on respiratory physiology for hospitals, and application of science-based breathing exercises with students and athletes across the globe. This collaboration inspired David to author Breathe to Perform: Simple Breathing Exercises to Reduce Stress, Improve Energy, and Peak Athletic Performance.

As co-founder of Breathe to Perform, a consulting company specializing in the science of stress physiology, David works with companies and teams to implement health and wellness practices with measurable, scaleable results.

David was instrumental in founding Physiology First in 2019. “The greatest problem of our time is the mental health of the next generation of problem solvers. We need to employ every tool in the health, wellness, and performance training toolbox for give the leaders of tomorrow the skills and tools they need today.” 

David is currently co-designing curriculum for the New Teacher’s Academy in Hoboken, N.J as well as a worldwide professional development program, The Functional Physiology Certification, to help educators and allied health professionals bring the Physiology First model to their private practices, schools, and communities. 


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Have an idea for a future BREATH TO BREATH interview? Email me! Perrin Live with intention. Move with gratitude. Breathe with purpose.

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