Let’s Talk Music – My Breathwork Playlist.

I’m a creature of habit and one habit I absolutely love is using this carefully curated playlist when leading and participating in breathwork. I can literally feel my shoulders begin to melt and my jaw unclench when I simply hear the first song. My mind and body has been conditioned to relax when I hear this playlist. Mission accomplished! I use this to help students and myself begin the process of slowing down thoughts, movements and the breath. Take a listen, relax and breath slowly. Then repeat. Happy breathing!


  1. Opening – Essie Jain

  2. Opening – East Forest

  3. The Rising -Essie Jain

  4. Deep – Peter Sandberg

  5. Motion – Peter Sandberg

  6. Passage – Garth Stevenson

  7. The Healing – Essie Jain

  8. Moving – Eskimotion

  9. Let Me In – Sean Angus Watson

  10. The Southern Sea – Garth Stevenson

  11. Celeste – Pete Kuzma

  12. Lately I’ve Been Wondering – Sean Angus Watson

  13. You and I Are Falling, You and I Are Free – Rising Appalachia

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